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co2 bioenergynature

solar - power-to-x - wind - storage - beccs

co₂  removal - bioenergy - climate tech

investment in clean energy solutions is set to reach $2 trillion in 2024; with solar still being the most desired and attracting the most capital.


last year our company witnessed significant change in appetite being directed to the permanent removal of co₂ , beccs, and the production of clean green hydrogen. we see this trend continuing for the long term.


with a strong team and network behind us, we help play a small part in facilitating access to environmentally friendly and commercially viable projects.

solar - wind - storage

the solar and wind landscape is evolving, but popular as ever.

it is still regarded as the safest and most reliable source of renewable

energy production, with many of the investors we work

with still bullish on the sector.


the overall landscape has remained pretty robust in the last year , albeit issues with grid capacity and infrastructure.  these issues seem to be under

control in most countries now. 

most of the projects we evaluate, will have battery storage associated with it.



in the past 12 months we have seen a dramatic increase in the number of p2x projects being presented to us; particulary green hydrogen in the u.k.


whilst we view this as a very exciting space, this is not for every investor we work with. we think that is set to change more in 2024 and beyond. 


unlocking capital for p2x is currently being driven by government subsidies and general overall support. in december last year, the u.k came out and heavily backed the sector. we see this being replicated in most countries. 

one to watch for sure. 


 co₂ removal

has certainly become more in demand, albeit still not for many traditional clean energy investors. nature based solutions for example, was a hot topic in 2023

and we believe this trend is set to continue.

challenges with carbon credits, feedstock, proven technology and

barriers to entry, can restrict this sector.


however with the verified carbon credit market adding "insurance" to a range of methodologies, we see this as an exciting market.

currently, due to huge demand, the many verification agencies are struggling to deal with the demand.  this needs to improve. 


climate tech

the acceleration towards a sustainable future has brought us a very bouyant climate / green technology sector. there seems to be a new product

coming to market on a daily basis

our focus in this space, is mainly linked to the many new technologies and solutions for carbon removal.


we often get asked to help with venture/growth capital fund raises,

on behalf of business owners. 

as the carbon removal sector is set for growth, many innovators are coming up with ways to make this sector much more transparent.

it starts here

in simplest terms for us, it starts with a reputable company that has dedicated the time and energy in planning their offering. 

we tend to focus on processes that are proven, and dynamic teams of people behind the project or business. if its CO₂ removal it must have tangible and verifiable way of calculating it.


once we have learnt more about the teams, the local partners, governance and policies, we assess how robust the plan really is.  

we then go to work on the commercial viability of it. typically these local partners may already be known to members of our team and

will have a demonstrable track record of success.

evaluate in-house

1.  originate robust opportunities.

2.  lock down mandate.

3.  deep dive assessment in-house.

4.  commercial and environmental viability.

5.  review feasibility/planning studies.

6.  call with the project/business owner.

7. we get to work.


we find it beneficial for both parties to jump on a conference call at

the earliest opportunity. 

once we are comfortable with the expectations of one another, we look to agree an exclusive mandate and then start the process of approaching our network. 

targeted marketing

each opportunity we undertake will be unique, which means in some instances we need to identify new investors. 

our role is to communicate the opportunity to a targeted audience that are willing to work in a flexible, expedient and fair way. our role is to target the right investor for each unique deal.

the origination of robust opportunities is fraught with many challenges.  most of which is out of our control, so we need to qualify these opportunities inhouse very dilligently. in the first instance, we must have total confidence in the team and the commercial viability of what has been presented to us.

 the above, is just an insight into how we work and what our sector focus is.

market focus

we are open to a wide range of markets

renewables & clean energy

u.k, spain, italy, netherlands, portugal germany, poland and greece are some of our preferred target markets in europe.  


we can also evaluate opportunities in the u.s.a, chile, mexico and brazil. under the right conditions we will also look at

we are more flexible when assessing this market. having a verified carbon credit will be required for certain countries. we will consider any region.  for cleantech, our focus here, will be the team, the financials, and what problem the product is solving. understanding the level of impact it is going to make, will be a determining factor

co₂ capture & removal  and cleantech


beccs development platform
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