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2019 has been a significant year in terms of mainstream institutional investors looking for exposure to renewable energy investment opportunities.

With so many projects currently in development or in the planning stage, it is important for all of our potential clients to have total peace of mind when reviewing something we present.

The key to our business model, is being very selective in what we propose. Our clients will have very clear objectives and it´s up to us to help facilitate the selection process in a timely, robust approach. 

The teams behind each project will be very familiar with the many risks associated with renewables projects, whether that's a Solar Park in Spain or a Waste to Energy plant in Indonesia.

The renewable energy sector is entering a new phase of subsidy-free growth globally.

Developers must work harder and smarter to find the revenue certainty they need to finance or monetize their business.

Waste to Value

For many investors, Waste to Value

is the sweet spot now.

With the global market forecast to grow at record levels, it is now a very serious consideration for the long term.

Investors ideally are looking for proven technology but many are open to look at new innovative ways to extract

value from waste.

 Our clients are focused on financing construction-ready projects across all asset classes, structures and geographies in waste conversion to products of value.

Like with many markets in a big growth cycle, Waste to Energy is no different.


Competition is now fierce, with an array of funders now looking to

deploy capital.


Unless of course you are looking for an emerging play which ultimately carries a higher level of risk, we try and focus on opportunities in markets that are developing in a very structured and robust way


Our clients are able to finance mid-market to utility-scale solar projects.


  We are also able to assist with the development and management, operations and maintenance of projects when needed, through our partner network.

Our clients are long-term investors in solar energy, so we are always on the lookout for the best, most robust  opportunities.


Our chosen partners will be professional and experienced developers, who have a proven track record and the capacity to maintain good relations with local communities and government authorities.


Wind - Hydro - Storage

Generating healthy returns on your clean energy investment is not

a free hit.

Many investors have learnt over the past couple of years that the desire to participate in this evolving sector

does carry risk.

We highlight this now, as it´s our role to make sure that our clients only get presented with well planned, robust opportunities.

Our selection criteria is based on our core team members having 20 years experience in this business. When dealing with developers we highlight exactly what we expect from them,

with the main focus on

mitigating risk.

We can be flexible, but we will not take unnecessary risks with the projects or companies we consider.