2019 was a significant year in terms of mainstream institutional investors looking for exposure to renewable energy investment opportunities.

​​the key to our business model, is being very selective in what we consider. our clients will have very clear objectives and it´s up to us to help facilitate the selection process in a timely, robust approach. 

the teams behind each project will be very familiar with the many risks associated with renewables projects, whether that's a solar park in italy or a waste to energy plant in

the philippines.



projects will require an epc with the financial capacity to offer performance guarantees.


technology is only “proven” when it can operate on a commercial scale.  although we can consider new tech under the right terms.


viable projects ideally require long-term feed-stock and off-take agreements in place.

investment grade, counter parties, attached to

long term PPA.

the team behind the project must be able to demonstrate a history of success, in the sector.

the renewable energy sector is entering a new phase of subsidy-free growth globally.

developers must work harder and smarter to find the revenue certainty they need to finance or monetize

their business.


project. finance

providing access to capital at favourable terms is our objective.

this can be achieved with multiple pathways.

with many more participants entering the sector, our offering

needs to be competitive. it needs to be innovative. it is.

investment decisions will always be made with an eye towards profitability but also by perceptions of risk and current market factors.


access to affordable capital is critical if the paris climate agreement targets of 2015 are to be met.  unprecedented levels of funds are now flowing into the

renewables space. 


how competive and flexible, is a topic for discussion.


at zero 2050, we do offer our clients an innovative,

competitive and flexible solution. 

traditional versus non-traditional capital

uses senior debt with a lien against assets.

cost of capital is typically higher (6-8% pa).

may only consider financing at rtb stage.

will only consider funding 70-80% of project

lacks a flexible, entrepreneurial  approach.

uses no senior debt; closest to mezzanine debt. no lien against assets.

cost of capital can be as low as 3% p.a

will consider 100% financing of the project

 innovative approach to project finance

enquire. contact.

each opportunity will be assessed on an individual basis.

to receive a bespoke proposal, please get in touch.

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