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our objective is to always present an exclusive and robust opportunity to our investor clients. 

the market has changed allot this year; the cost of energy, windfall taxes, currency risk and inflation, have all contributed to a very competitive landscape.   



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our two partners have a combined experience ​of nearly 50 years working within the world of finance and investments.

launched in the summer of 2019 as a division of capital intervest b.v., zero 2050 is at the beginning of our journey.


we have developed close relationships with a network of reputable and trustworthy clean energy experts across the globe, enabling us to present to investors with confidence.

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robbert boutkan

has worked in the world of finance, investments and broking for over 20 years.


he has an entrepreneurial and very diligent approach to business.

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frank scolaro

has worked in the world of finance, investments and broking for over 25 years.


he has a no nonsense , transparent approach when dealing with his clients.

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the objective is to help our clients achieve a robust, risk averse, long term investment opportunity.

we have a reputable, dynamic and respected network of partners that help us achieve this objective.

there is much more appetite now, leading to much more competiton, than ever before.


we can be flexible when reviewing projects.  we are open to early stage opportunities, under the right conditions.

land & grid connections need to be robust and sellers need to be able to demonstrate a history of past success to our investors.


premium price = premium seller.



helping developers and asset owners achieve their objectives with a flexible, competitive capital solution, being the ultimate target.

it is a sellers market. there is no doubt in that.


we believe our unique, responsive approach will always give us and ultimately our clients an edge.