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bioenergy co2 removal

we launched in the  summer of 2019

we partner with reputable developers, innovators, advisors and asset owners, enabling us to present robust, long term opportunities to global clean energy institutional investors. 

since we launched in 2019, we have built relationships with some amazing people; which we still hold firm.


appetite and demand for renewables and clean energy investments has accelerated in recent years, with the pace of capital deployment surging to record levels;  albeit some sectors and regions are currently being driven by short term market dynamics.

our objective is to always present an exclusive and robust opportunity to our investor clients. 

originate.   evaluate.   finance.   close.   

our team

frank scolaro
origination & finance

co-founder of the company, he has worked in the world of finance, investments and

broking for over 27 years.

he has a no nonsense , transparent

approach to work. he concentrates on client mandates, with the main role of raising capital for the projects we take on, and assessing the viability of the opportunities we are presented with.

hans-henning judek
technical advisor

the brains of the business, and a  respected,  internationally well  known renewable energy specialist and keynote speaker.

​based in japan, he is steeped in expertise within the bioenergy industry and is our go to consultant, when we assess the technology, team and commercial viability of a bioenergy project or process. 

robbert boutkan
business development

has worked in the world of finance, investments and broking for

22 years, with a very

diligent and entrepreneurial skillset.

co-founded the company with frank in 2019, and is now helping the

team focus on carbon removal

power-2-x and bioenergy opportunities 

in the european union. 

how we work 









under review



track record

key members of the team age ranges  from 40 to 74.


we have all worked in either finance, project development or engineering throughout our working lives.  


the relationships we

have developed are global.


they are not only strong and transparent, but are built upon many decades of

friendships and trust.


we have an excellent understanding of all things to do with of clean energy, renewables and carbon removal.

including engineering, project management, system design and co2 emissions.


we understand how money works

and what investment

partners look for.


having a risk mitigated, robust, commercially viable opportunity

is the goal.



the key to our business model, is being very selective in who we work with and what we consider.

co2 removal platform

most people we work with are extremely busy and we respect that, although we must manage expectations between all parties.

​from the initial exclusivity (nbo/loi) period, to due diligence and legals. the target being; the deal getting

to close in a professional manner. 


our role is to communicate the opportunity to a targeted audience that are willing to work in a flexible, expedient and fair way.

we work with a select group of investors, all looking for something different. our role is to target the best investor for each unique deal.


once we are comfortable with the expectations of one another, we look to agree an exclusive mandate.

other companies are quite happy to redistribute project teasers to fifty investors and hope they get a bite; that´s not us. 

​we ask for a mutually beneficial committment.

secure mandate

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