waste to energy

​creating value from waste is a very hot topic right now and this trend is set to continue for many years to come.  according to the current rate of waste generation, global waste is estimated to reach 6 million tonnes/day by 2025.

investment is being driven by new stringent global guidelines on landfill waste. new, more efficient technologies are now shaping this market with more and more innovative solutions being designed, tested and installed.


although traditional proven methods are still preferred by many investors, it´s only a matter of time for the new to replace the old. that change, in its own right is a huge long term opportunity.

there are numerous private equity and specialist finance companies looking to partner with the right people, ideally with proven technology, in locations where risk is very much mitigated by having long term investment grade PPAS in place.   the waste to energy market is poised to hit $36 billion by 2024. this trend will not reverse anytime soon.

renewable energy

many nations around the globe are now very advanced in achieving their targets of achieving 100% renewable energy.


national renewable energy markets are projected to continue to grow strongly in the coming decade and beyond. with that said, the opportunity to play a part in this large infrastructure play is a must have for many investors.

at least 47 nations around the world already have over 50 percent of electricity from renewable resources and that number is set to grow substantially.


the collaborative approach of the paris agreement  provides a sound basis for long term, international cooperation on climate change which in turn supports the build-out of renewable energy generation projects and related infrastructure.


many large energy companies do not have the necessary capital available to fund this large opportunity. this opens the door for private equity and other financial institutions.


spain intends to increase its share of renewable energy from 17% in 2016 to 42% by 2030.

that means an increase in renewable installed capacity of 157 GW – of which wind energy accounts for 50 GW, with solar energy capacity increasing by 37GW.

these are the main renewables-related industry sectors

currently qualified for project financing.

current client priorities:  utility-scale solar/pv, storage, hybrids of these, microgrids, wind power, waste-to-energy (pryolysis/gasification or ad/biogas) tidal, geothermal, energy storage, biomass waste to value (biofuels, biomaterials) , cleantech infrastructure, water treatment

and regenerative agriculture.

waste to value


wind - hydro - storage

for many investors, waste to energy

offers the most potential.

with the global market forecast to grow at record levels, it is now a very serious consideration for the long term.

investors are ideally are looking for proven technology, although many are open to look at new innovative ways to extract value from waste.

 we are focused on financing construction-ready projects across all asset classes, structures and geographies.

like with many markets in a big growth cycle, waste to energy is no different.


competition is now fierce, with an

array of funders now looking

to deploy capital in this

ever evolving, and lucrative sector.

we have a flexible and entrepreneurial approach to solar.


we will consider greenfield and are also open to emerging markets, under the right conditions.   we typically finance mid-market to utility-scale solar projects.


  we can also able to assist with the development and management, operations and maintenance of

projects when needed, through

our partner network.

our clients are long-term investors in solar energy, so we are always on the

lookout for the best, most

robust  opportunities.


our chosen partners will be experienced developers, who have a proven track record and the capacity to maintain good

relations with local communities

   and government authorities.

generating healthy returns on clean energy investments is not guaranteed.

many investors have learnt over the

past couple of years that the desire to participate in this evolving sector

does carry risk.

we highlight this now, as it´s our role to make sure that we only get

presented with well planned,

robust opportunities.

our selection criteria is based on our core team members having 20 years experience in the re sector.


when dealing with developers we

highlight exactly what we expect from them, with the main focus on

mitigating risk.

when considering wind, hydro and storage, we will take a more cautious

and diligent approach.

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