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windfall taxes, the russian conflict, currency risk and inflation, have
all contributed to a very competitive and difficult landscape to navigate in the renewables sector.

many of the clients we work with, come to us for our deal origination services.


we have an excellent network of trusted parters that understand how we work and why we are selective in

what opportunities we assess.


there is still an abundance of capital looking for a good home;  we like to focus on realistic targets.

financing the transition to a sustainable,

low-carbon economy with;

debt-equity funding - outright acquisitions

project finance - joint venture partnerships.

providing our clients a comprehensive, diligent advisory service, throughout the whole transaction lifecycle.

m&a advisory
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 the m&a sector is dominated by many large institutional companies, all with their own set

of values and ways of working.

our clients come to us, as we secure exclusive opportunities and we get the deal executed in a nimble, flexible and transparent manner. 

our clients range from large listed corporations to smaller owner managed businesses.

last year we witnessed and participated in a very active market, with sellers holding the cards, 

and being able to extract high premiums for

their assets and companies.

this year, the dynamics have changed dramatically, but the long term fundamentals of the sectors we

focus on, are still extremley robust. 

having flexibility from both sides of the deal is a

critical component in todays market. 

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opportunities under review:  q3 2023

we are currently assessing the viability of the following;

solar: greece - portugal - spain - germany - denmark

biofuels: se asia - japan - u.k - the netherlands


mining m&a:  australia - europe - africa - canada


to learn more about what we do and how we work. 

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