​from time to time we get presented with early stage investment opportunities from new innovative companies.

below we highlight our current investment opportunities

as of q.4 2020.

floating solar

the main objective of our clients company is to grant licenses all over the world to project developers and their epc companies and allow them to build wind-resilient, large-scale floating solar power plants.


the company will receive scheduled royalties of 1-3%, depending on the

size of the project.


the opex of the company is minimal and limited to some yearly administration costs for accounting and registration work.


accordingly, the royalties are almost 100% pure profit for the shareholders.

to learn more about this opportunity please contact us.

alternative fuels

greening  the shipping industry with the help of mother nature.

like the holiday airlines, cruise ships are part of a “feel good industry”, and like the airlines they are coming more and more under scrutiny in terms of their carbon footprint.

our client has found a powerful method of helping the industry clean up their act.  carbon neutral cruising is no dream anymore.

they are seeking funding for a $12 million (approximate cost) project in the philippines that will link agriculture (biomass production) with production of carbon neutral fuel (vlsfo and a1 jet fuel) for the requirements of the shipping and aviation industries.


​to learn more about this opportunity please contact us.