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co2 bioenergynature

we originate cdr opportunities ensuring they are robust, transparent and verifiable

is there is a real, unified and concerted effort now underway? do we believe that real momentum is set to continue? YES, we actually do. 

phasing out fossil fuels is not going to happen overnight, so we must find other solutions. renewables and clean energy have been one of the main drivers of change, but quite frankly more must be done. 


our company has witnessed significant change in the past 12 months, with more focus being directed to the permanent removal of carbon emissions.


we are fully onboard,  and with a strong team and network behind us, we will help play a small part in facilitating access to environmentally friendly and commercially viable projects.

it starts here

1.  originate suitable, robust, cdr projects

2.  undertake a deep dive assessment in-house

3.  check commercial and environmental viability

4.  await 3rd party project verification, "when applicable"

5.  planning, financing, insurance & development

6.  carbon credit & carbon offset marketing 

carbon emissions

in simplest terms for us, it starts with land, access to a sustainable supply of waste biomass and a strong csr component. 

we tend to focus on processes that are proven and with dynamic teams of people behind the project or business. there must be a tangible and verifiable way of calculating the CO₂ removal.


once we have learnt more about the teams, the local partners, governance and policies, we assess how robust the plan really is.  

we then go to work on the commercial viability of it. typically these local partners will be known to members of our team in some capacity already and will have a demonstrable track record of success.

assess in-house

calculating revenues, CO₂ offsets and carbon credits where applicable, in the bioenergy sector will always be subject to variables.


in all cases, any calculations will need to have some common sense applied.​ proven technology, professional local partners and robust project verification is critical.


once we have completed all of our work inhouse, in many cases we then select one of the leading verification companies to  start their work.


all being well, the project gets validated by thier stringent process. ​this can process can take time, and should include a site visit by them. 

in many cases 3rd party validation will not be necessary.


plan & develop

depending on whether the project needs verification or not, our plans to develop and build can commence. this process will take time

and will generally come with development risk.  

in some cases, we will be working with more established businesses that want our help marketing thier business.

verified carbon credits

each project we will be undertaking will be unique.

there will be times we will look for debt/equity investment ourselves or look to joint venture partners that have appetite for what we offer. our focus is robust CO₂ removal opportunities. some will require a verified carbon credit and others may not.  

the origination of commerically viable opportunities in this sector is fraught with hurdles to overcome. for us to make a real difference, we need to qualify these opportunities inhouse very dilligently and have total confidence in the teams locally and also the commercial

viability of the technology/process chosen.

our assessment, research, calculations and business plan per project will be scrutinised throughly. working with industry recogonised verification & insurance agencies is not just key to our offering, but to the success and longevity of the carbon removal sector.

 the above, is just an insight into how we work.


beccs development platform
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