we are witnessing a clean energy investment boom.

unprecedented global co-operation and supportive governmental policies are the main factors driving the market.

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​​the key to our business model, is being very selective in who we work with. 

our investor clients understand that they may need to express a genuine interest within 7 days of us sending them an opportunity to consider or risk losing out, due to the extremley competitive nature of the market.

this is a critical component to the way we work, and necessary in a fast moving market.

for our sell side clients we will require the following;

  • a professional teaser that includes key project information, including financials.

  • 4-8 week exclusive marketing mandate in place before we approach our network.


  • viable wte projects will require long-term feedstock and off-take agreements in place.

  • we can consider greenfield opportunities, but grid and land agreements must be robust.


we value our time and that of the people we work with. 

we are fully aware of the competitive nature of this sector; so our starting point

is always based on what expectations our clients have on the asset they are

selling or looking to secure capital for.

secure the mandate

once we are comfortable with the expectations of one another, we look to agree an exclusive marketing mandate from the sell side.

other companies are quite happy to redistribute project teasers to fifty investors and hope they get a bite; that´s not us. 

targeted investors

our role is to communicate the opportunity to an audience that is very aware of the market, but are willing to work in a flexible, expedient and fair way.

we are mandated by a select group of investors, all looking for something different. our role is to target the best investor for each unique project.

manage the deal

most people we work with are extremely busy and we respect that, but we must manage expectations between all parties.

this is crucial.

from the initial exclusivity (nbo/loi) period, to due diligence and legals. the target being; the deal getting to close in a professional manner. 

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project review

we welcome hearing from reputable asset owners, developers, and other industry advisors, that have a well presented opportunity for us to consider. 

we will respond within 24 hours.