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2019 was a significant year in terms of mainstream institutional investors looking for exposure to renewables investment opportunities. 2020 had it´s challenges due to COVID19, but activity picked up again in the second half of
the year. 2021 is going to be very active. 

​​the key to our business model, is being very selective in what we consider. our clients will have very clear objectives and it´s up to us to help facilitate the selection process in a timely, robust approach. 

the teams behind each project will be very familiar with the many risks associated with renewables projects, whether that's a solar park in spain or a waste to energy plant in the philippines.

  • we will require a "professional teaser" that includes key information about the project; size, stage, cost, team, energy production, region and so on. this is our minimum starting point.

  • we will require a 4-6 week exclusive marketing mandate in place before we approach our network of investors.  


  • viable wte projects ideally will require long-term feedstock and off-take agreements in place.

  • we can consider greenfield solar opportunities, but grid and land agreements must be robust.

  • the team behind the project must be able to demonstrate a history of success, in the sector.

  • we realise it´s a sellers market right now, but our clients will not entertain bidding wars.

the renewable energy sector is entering a new phase

of subsidy-free growth globally.

developers must work harder and smarter to find the revenue certainty

they need to finance or monetize their business.


project finance & acquisition capital

if you´re a developer looking for early stage development and construction capital, or perhaps you´re looking for a buyer for your project, we feel we have a flexible and expedient solution for you.

with many more participants entering the sector, our offering

needs to be competitive and it needs to be responsive. it is.

investment decisions will always be made with an eye towards profitability but also by perceptions of risk and current

market factors.


access to affordable and expedient capital is critical if the paris climate agreement targets of 2015 are to be met.  unprecedented levels of funds are now flowing into the renewables space. 


at zero 2050, we offer our clients access to investors

that have the appetite and capacity to act promptly.



if you are seeking project financing or in fact you are selling an asset, please email: enquiries (at)

each opportunity will be assessed on an individual basis.