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"in my lifetime, i’ve witnessed a terrible decline. in yours, you could and should witness a wonderful recovery.”

sir david attenborough

cop26  - 2021

many of the clients we work with, come to us for our deal origination services. we have an excellent network of trusted parters that understand how we work and why we are selective in what assets we assess.


there is an abundance of capital looking for renewables projects. our role is to focus on exclusive, realistic targets.

financing the transition to a sustainable, low-carbon economy; our aim is to help facilitate access to a range

of expedient capital solutions.


whether that be green bonds, project finance, joint

venture partnerships or out right acquisitions. 

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lets face it, the m&a sector is dominated by many large experienced institutional investors, all with their own set of values and targets.

for investors entering the space within the last few years or so, we are on hand to guide and advise when called upon. 

our real strengths lie in helping to secure exclusive opportunities and getting the deal to close. 

last year we witnessed and participated in a very active market, with sellers seeking to extract as much value for their assets as possible.


our mandated investors are still very bullish for the future, although they are finding it extremley difficult

to secure assets. having billions aum does not make a difference in this market. 


our role is to make sure both sides of the deal adopt ethical practices at all times.

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opportunities under review:  q3 2022

we are currently assessing the viability of the following;

solar: italy, spain, hungary.

biofuels: se asia - japan - poland.

stage: 0-18 months to rtb      size: circa 1.5 gw total


to learn more about the projects we have access to.